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Basmati Menu


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 Spicy Pakora (Chicken 0r Veg)
Soup of the Day
Tabdoori Fish
Fish Tikka
Tandoori Chicken
Chicken Tikka
Paneer Tikka
Lamb Tikka
King Prawn Puri
Chicken Chat
Lamb Chops
Onion Bhajee
Sheek Kebab
Aloo Chat / Aloo Chops
King Prawn Butterfly
Nagris Kebab
Shami Kebab
Tandoori King Prawns
Prawn Puree
Chicken Puree
Tandoori Mix
Vegetable Mix Platter
Garlic Mushrooms
Duck Shahlick
Chicken Shahlik
Samosas (Veg or Meat)
Stuffed Pepper (Veg or Meat)
Mix Platter For 2 persons
Mix Platter for 4 persons



Tandoori Specials

(Marinated In Yoghurt With Delicate Herbs & Spices Served With Salad.)


Tandoori Chicken Full  £13.95

Tandoori Chicken Half £7.95

Chicken Tikka £7.95

Lamb Tikka  £8.95

Akbari Mixed Grill  £12.95

Chicken Sashlik £8.95

Tandoori - King Prawn £15.95

Tandoori Fish / Fish Tikka  £9.95



Signature Dishes 


Assamease Murgh Jhalfrezi  £7.95

Hot spicy, chicken masalla with chefs spices.

Assamease Gosht Jhalfrezi  £8.95

Diced lamb masalla cooked with chefs spices - hot & spicy succulent taste.

Assamease Chinghri Jhalfrezi  £13.95

Tandoori king prawn masalla cooked with chefs hot spices.

Murgh - E- Shahnazi  £10.95

Charcoal grilled boneless chicken & lamb together with tandoori king prawns in chefs special sauce and sprinkled with fresh herbs and nuts.

Murgh - E - Anarkali  £10.45

A mixture of tandoori delight, tandoori chicken cooked together with tandoori king prawns with chefs spices, served from a sizzling iron Karahi and sprinkled with Coriander, tomato and cucumber on top.

Shajahani Murgh Keema  £8.95

Minced lamb & tandoori chicken gently spiced & fried with chefs spices in a massala style,

Lamb Chop Chilli Fried Massala  £9.95

Marinated succulent lamb on the bone cooked with fired green chillies, onion, tomato and authentic chef ’s special spices and sprinkled with fresh herbs. Semi dry dish (hot & spicy)

Basmati - E - Lamb Shank £9.95

Succulent tender lamb on the bone, cooked with chef’s special spices.

Karahi Chinghri Mushroom  £11.95

King Prawns cooked together with mushrooms, fresh coriander, garam masalla, cinnamon & herbs, capsicum and fresh tomatoes, served from a sizzling iron karahi.

Karahi Chinghri & Murgh £10.45

King prawns cooked together with chicken, fresh coriander, green peppers, garam masalla, cinnamon & herbs, capsicum and fresh tomatoes, served from a sizzling iron karahi.

Lamb Kuchi Kuchi  £9.45

Spicy minced lamb cooked with masala and kuchi kuchi lamb with ginger, onion, masala and served with fresh herbs.

Tandoori King Prawn Masala £13.95

Marinated King Prawn cooked with mixed ingredient Garam Masala and fresh coriander blended with fresh cream (mild) and sprinkled with fresh herbs and nuts.




Chicken Specialities


Chicken Tikka Masala  £7.95

Marinated chicken tikka cooked with mince chicken, ingredient Garam Masala and fresh coriander blended with fresh cream (mild), sprinkled with nuts.

Murgh Jaipuri £7.95

A special recipe from Jaipur, a semi-dry dish prepared from tender pieces of barbecued chicken cooked with ground onions, green pepper, mushrooms, fresh herbs & selected spices.

Butter Chicken £7.95

Tandoori Chicken off the bone cooked in liquidized sauce of capsicum, tomato, masala spice, fresh coriander etc. fried in butter and sprinkled with nuts.

Makhan Chicken  £7.95

Chicken marinated in yoghurt and masala sauce, cooked in the tandoori, curried as a mild curry with cream, sprinkled with almonds and nuts.

Tandoori Murgee Masala £7.95

Half tandoori Chicken off the bone cooked in a Garam Masala medium spices, fresh cream with coriander garnished with eggs, tomatoes & lettuce, sprinkled with nuts.

Murgh Passanda Nawabi  £7.95

Diced boneless chicken cured in yoghurt & spices, highly flavoured and served with nuts - very mild.

Chicken Zalfrezi  £7.95

Diced chicken cooked fresh, when ordered, with garam masalla and a large amount of onion and capsicum which is fried in ghee.

Chicken Rezala  £7.95

A very special chicken dish with homemade spice. A taste of sweet and sour.

Karahi Murgh  £7.95

Chicken cooked with garam masalla, cinnamon & herbs, served from a sizzling iron karahi.



Lamb Specialities


 Lamb Tikka Masala  £8.95

Marinated lamb tikka, cooked with minced meat, ingredient Garam Masala and fresh coriander blended with fresh cream (mild), sprinkled with nuts.

Lamb Zalfrezi  £8.95

Diced lamb cooked fresh, when ordered with garam masala and a large amount of onion and capsicum which is fried in ghee and sprinkled with fresh coriander.

Lamb Rezala £8.95

A very special lamb dish with homemade spice. A taste of sweet and sour.

Methi Gusta £8.95

Lamb cooked with spiced leaf, onion and coriander flavoured with herbs & spices.

Karahi Gosht  £8.95

Diced lamb cooked with onions, capsicum & fresh tomatoes, served from a sizzling iron karahi.



Fish Speciality 


Kakri Fish Masala  £9.95

Chef ’s speciality tandoori fish, cooked with butter and tomato, slightly hot.

Fish Tikka Masala (Fresh water fish) £9.95

Fish cooked with masala sauce, fresh coriander and cream.

Sharsh - E - Seabass  £11.95

Masala fish marinated with mustard and spices and deep fried and sprinkled with fresh coriander.

Roop Chanda Tawa Fry (Sea fish on the bone) £10.95

Roop chanda marinated in spice and herbs and deep fried. Served in delicious authentic Bengali style, in sizzling tawa.



Duck Specials 


Hash -E- Bhuna  £9.95

spicy roasted duck, cooked in chef's special medium bhuna sauce.

Hash Mirch - E - Naga  £9.95

Sliced duck breast, cooked with fresh tomato, coriander and hot naga mirch and sauce. Sprinkled with coriander.

Hash Zalfrezi  £9.95

Diced duck breast, cooked with green peppers, onion, fresh tomato and fresh herbs (slightly hot). Sprinkled with coriander.



Vegetable Special Dishes


Shah - E - Paneer  £7.95

Paneer cooked with masala, tomato, cream and fresh herbs.

Makhon - E - Paneer  £7.95

Paneer cooked with masala, cream and chef ’s special makni sauce and served with herbs.

Chilli Paneer £7.95

Paneer cooked with masala tomato, fresh chilli and fresh herbs.

Paneer Tikka Zalfrezi  £7.95

Paneer cooked with masala tomato, cream and fresh herbs.

Basmati Special Sobje (mixed vegetables)  £7.95

Mixed vegetables cooked with spices in deshi style.

Vegetable - E - Tawa / Korai Vegetable  £7.95

Sizzling vegetable dish cooked with onion, fresh chilli, tomato and chef ’s special sauce.




Biryani Supper


Central asian in origin, very aromatic but medium dishes consist of special basmati rice cooked with meat, chicken or fish. Luxuriously rice dish with sliced almonds in butter, sultanas and garnished with sliced egg and tomato.


Basmati Special Biryani (mix of chicken, king prawn and lamb)  £11.95

King Prawn Biryani  £11.95

Persian Chicken Biryani  £9.95

Chicken & King Prawn Biryani   £9.95

Chicken & Prawn Biryani   £8.95

Chicken & Mushroom Biryani   £8.95

Chicken Tikka Biryani   £9.95

Lamb Biryani   £9.95

Chicken Biryani   £8.95

Prawn Biryani  £8.95

Vegetable Biryani / Mushroom Biryani   £7.95



Balti Dishes


Balti Chicken Chilli Massala  £7.45

Balti Chicken Garlic Massala  £7.45

Balti Chicken Chana  £7.45

Balti Chicken Sagwala  £7.45

Balti Chicken Pathia  £7.45

Balti Chicken Dansak £7.45

Balti Chicken Mushroom  £7.45


Balti Prawn Garlic Massala  £7.45

Balti Prawn Sagwala  £7.45

Balti Prawn Pathia  £7.45

Balti Prawn Dansak £7.45

Balti King Prawn Garlic Massala  £11.95

Balti King Prawn Chilli Massala  £11.95

Balti Tandoori King Prawn  £14.95


Balti Meat Garlic Massala  £7.95

Balti Meat Chilli Massala  £7.95

Balti Meat Mushroom  £7.95

Balti Meat Sagwala   £7.95

Balti Meat Pathia  £7.95

Balti Meat Dansak  £7.95

Balti Keema / Keema Aloo or Peas  £7.95


Balti Tandoori Chicken  £7.95

Balti Chicken Tikka   £7.95

Balti Lamb Tikka  £8.95

Balti Tandoori Mix £10.95 

Balti Tandoori Fish/Fish Tikka  £9.95


Traditional Curries









Roagan Josh

Korma Dishes


All available in

Vegetable, Chicken or Prawn £7.45

King Prawns £11.95

Lamb  £7.95


Side Dishes


Milijuli Vegetable (mixed)  £4.95

Vegetable Bhajee  £3.75

Mushroom Bhajee  £3.75

Bindi Bhajee (fresh)  £3.75

Brinzal Bhajee (fresh)  £3.75

Cauliflower Bhajee  £3.75

Bombay Aloo  £3.75

Sag Bhajee / Sag Paneer / Sag Aloo  £3.75

Tarka Dhal  £3.75

Curry Sauce  £3.55

Aloo gobi Masalla £3.75

Aloo Chana  £3.75

Muttor Panner  £3.75

Cucumber Raita  £1.45


(The above Side dishes will be available as a main for £6.95)




Nan (Leavened Bread)  £2.25

Keema Nan (Stuffed with Mincemeat)   £2.95

Peshwari Nan (stuffed with dried fruits and almonds)   £2.95

Nan Kulcha (Stuffed with Vegetables)  £2.95

Garlic Nan  £2.95

Stuffed Paratha (stuffed with vegetables)  £2.95

Poratha  £2.95

Chapati  £1.25

Tandoori Roti  £2.25


Papadam £0.60

Masala Papadam  £0.70


Portion of French Fried Potatoes £2.25


Boiled Rice £2.25

Pilau Rice £2.95

Fried Rice  £2.95

Egg Fried Rice  £3.25

Special Fried Rice (with peas and nuts)  £3.45

Mushroom / Vegetable £3.25

Keema Pilau Rice £3.25

Spicy Rice/Onion Rice  £3.25


English Dishes


Fillet Steak  £14.95

Fried Scampi  £7.95

Chicken Omelette  £7.95

Prawn Omelette £7.95

Mushroom Omelette £7.95

Above dishes are served with Salad & Chips

(can be available as a small portion to cater for children)

Chicken Salad / Prawn Salad £7.95

Green Salad £3.45




Set Meals


Meal A‘ ’ Per Person £19.95

2 Papadams

Special Mixed Assamease Murgh Jalfrezi / Murgh Jaipuri 

Bombay Aloo, Pilau Rice

Dessert Kulfi


Meal ‘B’ For Two persons £39.95

2 Papadams

Mixed Plater (Meat & Veg)

Chicken Tika Masala/


Karahi Murgh

Sag Aloo

Pilau Rice + Nan Bread

Desserts - (Kulfi) x2


Meal ‘C’ For Four Persons £59.95

4 Papadams

Mixed Plater (Meat & Veg)

Chicken Tika Masala + Lamb Rogan

Balti Chicken Garlic Masala + Assamease Murgh Jalfrezi

2 Piau Rice + 1 Garlic Nan + 1 Nan Bread


Meal ‘D’ Vegetarian Thali £13.95 Per Person

Aloo Gobi, Sag Paneer, Dhall, Bhindi,

Poori & Dhai, Pilau Rice


Meal ‘E’ Non-Vegetarian Thali £16.95 Per Person

Murgh Chaat, Lamb Kalia, Chingri Bhajee, Lamb Jull, Pilau Rice, Poori & Dhai